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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Master Ms Excel Formulas And Function Within Hour PDF




The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Master Ms Excel Formulas And Function Within Hour PDF

Learn Excel Fast in Simple and Easy Steps

Mastering Excel 2019 is your all-in-one, step by step, tutorial to the latest and most powerful version of Excel from Microsoft 365. This book contains everything you need to know to master the basics of Excel and a selection of advanced topics relevant to real-world productivity tasks you'll encounter in your job, business or home.

This guide has been designed to be a resource for you whether you're an Excel beginner, intermediate user, or a power user. You will learn not only how to use specific features, but in what context those features need to be used

By reading this book, you will

Master all the fundamentals to quickly get up to speed with creating solutions for common Excel tasks.

Create basic and advanced formulas for different types of calculations.

Use Excel tables to easily manage and manipulate your data.

Filter, sort, and apply styles to data lists and Excel tables.

Analyze your data visually with charts and sparklines.

Use data from external sources like Access databases, CSV text files, and websites.

Deploy macros to automate repetitive tasks and increase your efficiency.

Create dynamic summaries of your data with pivot tables and pivot charts.

Analyze different data scenarios and projections with What-If Analysis tools.

Password-protect workbooks, worksheets, ranges, or even specific cells.

Create formulas with over 70 of the most useful and powerful Excel functions, including new dynamic array functions like XLOOKUP, XMATCH and FILTER.

Master many more Excel features…

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