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The Ultimate Guide To Microsoft Excel Vba For Beginners And Seniors




The Ultimate Guide To Microsoft Excel Vba For Beginners And Seniors

Author(s): Mike Cage

Year: 2023

ISBN: 9798215364345

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Short of changing the tires on your car, Microsoft Excel can do pretty much anything. And the possibilities are even more endless when you learn to program with Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Regardless of your familiarity with Excel VBA,

Pretty soon, you'll be doing things you didn't think were possible in Excel, from automating processes to writing your own worksheet functions. You'll learn how to

Understand the basic tools and operations of Visual Basic for Applications

Create custom spreadsheet functions that make life easier for you and the people maintaining your spreadsheets

Deal with errors and exceptions and eliminate the bugs in your code

Perfect for anyone who's never even heard of Excel VBA, Excel VBA Programming For Beginners And Seniors is also a fantastic resource for intermediate and advanced Excel users looking for a heads-up on the latest features and newest functionality of this simple yet powerful scripting language.

Understanding how to leverage VBA to improve your Excel programming skills can enhance the quality of deliverables that you produce―and can help you take your career to the next level.

Explore fully updated content that offers comprehensive coverage through tips, tricks, and techniques
Leverage templates and worksheets that put your new knowledge in action, and reinforce the skills introduced in the text
Access online resources, including the Power Utility Pack, that supplement the content
Improve your capabilities regarding Excel programming with VBA, unlocking more of your potential in the office

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